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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Goodbye subprime, hello FHA

October 15 2007
At mortgage conference, lenders push back-to-basics theme for industry in coming years. If your credit is weak or your savings anemic, here are two phrases you're likely to hear from mortgage loan officers in the next few years: FHA and mortgage insurance. They're part of a back-to-basics theme that was emphasized Monday at the annual conference of the Mortgage Bankers Association in Boston. For those who entered the business in the past five years, they've only known the good times and will need to be re-educated, said Paul Bibb, CEO of National City Mortgage, who was on a panel of leading mortgage industry executives. "You probably have a lot of loan officers who can't spell FHA," said Bibb. Bibb and David Lowman, CEO of Chase's Global Mortgage, which is a top 10 originator and servicer, said that during the go-go days of the housing boom, loan officers would steer home buyers with weak credit to subprime loans. And they would advise them to finance part of their down payment with a home equity loan.


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