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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Why homeowners should refinance

Top reasons why you should refinance

Unlock the power of your home equity

For most homeowners, refinance mortgage can help significantly improve your financial wellbeing. Here are some top reasons why homeowners avoid walking the financial plank with a home refinance.

Making an adjustment
Many homeowners have an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), which can switch to a higher term after its initial teaser rate. If your ARM is adjusting, you're probably going to have a higher monthly payment. In order to avoid this, you can refinance to a fixed-rate loan, or to another ARM.

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Lower your monthly payment
Like a cash-strapped pirate, it's not uncommon for you, as a homeowner, to find yourself in debt. If you need to free up cash on a monthly basis, move to an ARM with a lower interest rate, or even an interest-only mortgage loan. Either one may help you clear up some short-term monetary hurdles.

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Consolidate your credit card loans
A debt consolidation loan can be a treasure chest for you if you carry a balance on your credit cards. Because most credit lines carry double-digit interest rates, you can consolidate all these debts into a single home equity loan or home equity line of credit. Your monthly payment will drop, and you'll be able to reap some tax savings on the tax-deductible interest payments.

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Term limits
If you have a home loan, you pay a tremendous amount of money in interest on it for the privilege. You could refinance your loan to a shorter-term fixed-rate mortgage, for example, moving from a 30-year to a 15-year. Your payments may increase, but you'll realize significant interest savings in the long run.

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A new home loan may not be as lucrative as a sunken treasure, but the right refinance loan can go a long way to improving your financial situation. Consider the reasons above when you analyze your particular situation. If any of them align with your current needs, you'll want to set sail for a mortgage refinance.

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